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SERVICE | Fine Art Prints

As a perfect addition to our digital photo equipment we produce fine art prints of your digital images up to sizes of 44″ (110 x 160 cm). Since we share a true passion for art and the printing process this is not just another service for us. We have invested a lot of time in the calibration of our system and we select and test all our papers ourselves. So you can be sure to get the best quality pigment prints.

Format in cm up to...
Print Medium 20x30
50x75 60x90 70x105 80x120 100x150
PHOTO PAPER € 18€ 30 € 42€ 54 € 66€ 84 € 108€ 150
€ 21€ 33€ 48€ 60 € 78€ 96€ 126€ 174

We print on rag, baryta and photo paper as well as on canvas. Each medium has a unique character due to its texture and tone which adds to the impression of the image (comparable to using different types of film).

Since the achievable print quality depends on the source data, we suggest that you give us a call before preparing images for us. Basically we accept all common image data formats (i.e. TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000). For the best quality you should not perform any interpolation on the original image, this is better done in our printing software. Contrast, saturation and color tone should be optimized by yourself, we do the fine-tuning if necessary. It is of course paramount that an ICC profile is embedded (preferably a larger space than sRGB, but if your original image is tagged with sRGB just leave it that way). We also accept RAW files which we convert for a small additional fee.

For further questions and suggestions please contact Thomas Klingenböck at +43 1 585 12 09, or send us an online request.

Prices are subject to change without notice.
All prices incl. 20% VAT.