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Rental Terms

1. Advance reservation and collection

Generally, once the advance reservation has been confirmed, the rented equipment must be collected by the client from the rental agent located at Halbgasse 25, 1070 Vienna. The rental agent will do everything possible to meet any requested collection appointment. The rental agent takes no responsibility for any damages resulting from failure to fulfill these terms.

The long distance rental conditions apply if the postal delivery and return of the rented equipment is indicated or desired.

2. Rental period

The contract will be terminated once all rented items have been returned. Should any equipment not be returned punctually the rental will automatically continue with each 24hrs corresponding to an additional day of rental.

3. Proof of identity

All clients are required to show their passports or personal identity cards as proof of identity.

4. Deposit and rental fee

The client has to pay the agreed deposit and the rental fee on collection. The deposit will be refunded when the rented equipment is returned as agreed in the contract.

5. Right of ownership

The rented equipment remains the property of the rental agent at all times.

6. Inspection of rented equipment

Any deficiency or fault with the rented equipment must be reported at the time of collection. If no written evidence is obtained by the rental agent then it is assumed that the client has received the equipment in perfect working order. Any defects that arise during the routine use of the equipment can not be predicted. As a result the client wavers the right to demand compensation for any related financial losses or expenses should such an equipment failure arise.

7. Care of equipment

All equipment must be handled appropriately and with due care and respect. Any defect or malfunction is to be reported to the rental agent immediately.

8. Safety guidelines

The client should implement all necessary measures to avoid accidents involving the rented equipment.

9. Liability

During the rental period the rental agent is absolved of all liability with respect to the rented equipment. In particular all risks associated with the transport, storage and use of the equipment are borne by the client. Responsibility for the insurance and the adherence to all agreed licenses is the responsibility of the client.

10. Only written documentation of agreements and correspondence between the client and the rental agent has legal validity. The applicable jurisdiction is that of Vienna.

Last modified: October 2011